Thursday, October 23, 2008

Note to British Vogue: We Have No Desire to Return to the '50s

Thanks to my international connections and good fortune relating to my decision to go to my 15-year high school reunion (thanks Louise!) , a copy of an article from the November article of British Vogue has come to my attention. (It is not, sadly, available online. Not yet, anyway.) It is titled "How To Be a Good Wife," and it is a musing on whether the old days of man-as-lord-of-his-castle were actually good-old-days. Why this is a question that requires musing is beyond me.

The conclusion backs away from the dangerous full-on endorsement of a household in which everyone caters to dad's every whim, but not far enough. It's bad enough we have to hear this pining-for-the'50s crap from Laura Schlessinger and Caitlin Flanagan. Can everyone else give it a rest. I like having an equal as a wife, and I like getting my hands dirty with the kids.


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