Sunday, January 25, 2009

Housekeeping/Blogroll/Dad Groups

It has been, quite literally, months since I last updated the blogroll, and even longer since I updated the map. I'm now working to correct that. The blogroll should now be up to date. If your blog should be on there but is not, please let me know at (The general criteria is that you have to be a self-described at-home dad writing about fatherhood.) The next step in the cleanup will be deleting blogs that have expired. In general, if you haven't posted in the last  6 months, I'll take you off the list.

I'm still having some technical issues with the map, which may or may not be addressed in any sort of timely fashion. That said, I had a couple of playgroup-related questions and announcements:
  • In response to my plea for an NYC-based group, Matt was nice enough to point me to this MeetUp group
  • There is a Chicago 'Burbs playgroup around Elk Grove, IL that meets on Friday mornings. E-mail for more details.
  • I've had a request for information about Phoenix-area dad gatherings or playgroups. Any Arizona dads out there I should be aware of?


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