Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Today Show Drops the Ball. Again.

Full disclosure: I think that the men behind the New York City at-home dad group are wonderful guys. They are well-spoken, thoughtful and -- as best I can tell -- excellent fathers. Nothing I am about to say should reflect poorly on them. Also, full disclosure: the Today Show producers sometime show strokes of genius (sarcasm).

That said ... c'mon, Today Show. There are so many different ways into the at-home dad story (or, better yet, the New American Family story ... which includes some sort of acknowledgement that women, too, are part of the equation) that today's broadcast was a huge disappointment.

I swear that every single TV package on at-home dads runs exactly the same way: there is a day-in-the-life montage of one dad, a brief interview with that guy, a clip from "Mr. Mom" and a scene shot at a local park. So take a look at today's clip:

Now compare it to this clip FROM THE VERY SAME SHOW, in January:

THEY USE THE SAME GUYS. The same tagline. The same "Mr. Mom" clip. This from the top-rated morning show.


(And I won't even dwell on the recurring and extensive use of the agonizing phrase "Mr. Mom.")


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