Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Blogs (and Media!)

Thanks to those who are continuing to send me blogs. I'll keep adding them. Among the new additions are:
And, in the department of media-that-want-to-talk-to-*you*, this landed in my inbox:
I'm writing an article for Working Mother magazine about the way that the recession has caused a role reversal in many families. Because the recession has disproportionately hit male-dominated fields, many fathers are now at home raising children and looking for work, while their wives become the primary breadwinners for the first time. I would like to interview fathers and mothers (aged 22 to 44 or so) who are in this situation. What are the challenges? What are the benefits? How do you work through conflicts? Please email me at
I don't fit the bill, but if you do, please flag yourself to Sara ...


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