Thursday, May 18, 2006


I go through phases where I get excited when celebrities announce that they will step off the power track and do the at-home dad thing. As a rule, it rarely lasts, and while it's nice to see movie stars at least paying lip service to the SAHD life, the followthrough leaves something to be desire.

That's why this article from The Independent (now behind a subscription wall. Sorry.) is so interesting. It's about Rick Moranis -- remember him -- and how he really did step off the movie-making track to spend more time with the kids. He's kept quiet, and reading the story, it's clear that there is at least one former Hollywood denizen who understands the power and allure of raising your own children.

At-home dads are evidently a hot topic in the media now. In addition to the Today Show report, KSL-TV in Salt Lake City did a piece on how at-home fathers are on the rise. And the Grand Rapids (MI) Press ran a story on Monday about a local dad's group.

Speaking of local dad's groups, I'm (as always) accepting new groups and playgroups for the at-home dad map. Let me know if your group should be represented but isn't.


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