Thursday, April 20, 2006

Better Sex and Other Quick Hits

So involved fathers know that they have a rich, satistfying family life, but (as has been mentioned before, us housework-doing dads are seen as sexier. And now comes word that couples where gender roles are more equitable are more satisfied with their sex lives. What more evidence do you need?

The At-Home Dad Convention planning keeps plugging along. If you want to support the effort, T-shirts are now on sale.

Reader Andy reminded me that we have a new celluloid at-home dad hitting the screens this summer. Trust the Man, stars David Duchovny as a SAHD. It's an R-rated romance, in theaters in August.

The number of groups on the group/playgroup map continues to grow, but I'd like to see even more pushpins. Please send along the details from your group to keep the resource as robust as possible.


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