Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Magazine Analysis

Bruce Cantrall, regular convention-goer and founder and protector of the at-home dad entry on Wikipedia was browsing the parenting mag web pages, and he came to some realizations:
I always was a little uneasy when visiting some of the parenting sites or reading some parenting magazines. I usually skip the beauty tips sections on the magazines! Now I think I can put my finger on what has been bothering me about these magazines about “parenting”. Here are the top “links” on three parenting magazine web sites. (I am not trying to sell magazines!)

Preconception, Adoption, Pregnancy, Baby, Toddlers and Kids, Life as a Mom, Shop

Pregnancy, Baby, Child, Mom, Buying Guides¸ Magazine

Pregnancy, Baby, Mom, Parenting

Did anyone notice the lack of the word "Dad," "Father" or "Male Parent" or anything hinting on an additional factor in producing, raising or leading a infant into adulthood? I am sure this has to do with the fact that more moms than dads subscribe to these magazines, but come on!

Here are some that are better by being more balanced.

Pregnancy, The First Year, Kids, Moms & Dads, Family Style, Community

Pregnancy, Your Kids, Your life, Fun Times, Community, Magazine

Resources, Education, Healthcare, Life planning, Technology, Mobility, Sports, Toys

As an at-home dad of 3, I wish dads would command a little more respect and inclusion in the effort in parenting. Dads need to know that their efforts can have a very positive influence and the magazines feel they are part of the equation.

Subscription Services, Discuss, Activism, News, Book Reviews, Peggy’s kitchen, Poems, Shopping Guide

www.fathering.com takes you right to www.strongfathers.com which says "Strong Fathers – Strong Families, Building stronger kids by strengthening fathers." That is more like it!

Bonus Link: check out this column by Washington Post writer Joel Achenbach. It pokes fun at the loafing father. Part of the reason it's funny is that the father who ignores the kids in favor of reading box scores or playing golf is more and more rare. Didn't used to be that way ...


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