Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Manfesto Project: First Nuggets of Wisdom

OK. We're up to 19 manifestos online at the Parenting Manifesto Page, and I hope you'll keep sending them in. There is some brilliant stuff in there, and it's becoming an interesting parenting guide for a couple of reasons 1) seeing the areas of broad agreement really emphasizes the core skill set you need to get by as a parent and 2) there are the occasional items that -- while not generally part of the parenting canon -- are absolutely, positively true.

Among the highlights so far:

From Al Arsenault:
4 - if they make their bed, they lie in. Don't always go rushing in to clean up their messes. If they break something, they bought it.
From Slurry Feed:

2. Read to your kids! Instill in them the power and joy of a good book! Added bonus: if/when your wife is pregnant with a second (or third, etc.) child, your reading aloud benefits both kids!
From Sue Mort:
3. Do not project your fears about your child's safety on to the child. Your child should believe that most people are good and the world is a wonderful place. Teach her how to be safe, but don't make her fearful.
From Elizabeth at Half Changed World:
This doesn't mean that everything you do will work out right. Sometimes your best just isn't good enough, or what you thought was the best turns out in hindsight to look like a mistake. Be able to step back and laugh at the situation. All you can ever do is try something, and see what happens. If it works, great. If not, you try something else.
From Hedra and Will:
4. Identify with yourself, not them.
· Don’t take it personally.
And that's just the start. There's lots more wisdom in there, and I'll keep highlighting as I read and re-read everyone's stellar submissions. Thanks!

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