Friday, September 21, 2007

Today's Dumb Story asks if a "glass ceiling" exists for men in professions that have historically been dominated by women:
But what about the men who succeed in what tend to be female-dominated careers, including nursing, travel, marketing, and childcare? Is there such a thing as a reverse glass ceiling for men?
Though the story throws in some anecdotes and uses some quotes from some marginal "experts," it seems to confuse being a minority (by gender) with discrimination. At its root, it implies a connection between numbers and degree of discrimination, which is really dumb. Glass ceilings have to do with attitudes, not size. I'm sure there are plenty of companies with a fairly balanced male/female ratio that still have substantial glass ceilings. And just because there are fewer -- for example -- men in childcare positions doesn't mean its a terrible row to hoe ...


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