Monday, October 22, 2007

Why the Convention is Important

I was asked by the reporter the other day what it was that made the At-Home Dad Convention so special. My answer: it's inspiring to be around guys who so clearly want to be great at the whole parenting thing. They live to make the most of their gig as a dad.

This sticks out particularly because of this piece in Slate last week on how tiresome actually interacting with kids can be (thanks, Greg, for flagging). I'm not the Slate piece will make any sense whatsoever to the convention guys. Playing as drudgery? They don't buy it.

I don't know if I've said so on the blog, but I'm taking a pass on KC this year. One of the realities of working full-time is that the weekends with the family become that much more precious, and I'm not quite ready to voluntarily take a pass on that time. But my thoughts will be with you guys that do make the trip.

[BONUS. From the archives, a piece I wrote three years ago but never sold about why the convention is so worthwhile. 'A Vaccination Against Isolation.']


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