Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Post (Maybe) the the Daddy's Home Comic

So I've now mocked the new comic strip Daddy's Home in every forum available to me (all two of them), so I should probably forward along a link to the Washington Post discussion with the strip's creator. He is shocked -- shocked -- at the tiny amount of criticism he's heard (including some from Gene Weingarten, who has become a) the world's authority on comics and b) a Pulitzer Prize winner. If Gene ever told me I was without humor, I'd never dare crack another joke).

Anyway ... key quote:
More and more men are becoming stay-at-home Dads. That is only trending upward. And, in my opinion, there really isn't any other comic out there that speaks to that accurately, and is funny at the same time.
Sadly, even with Daddy's Home, there still isn't a comic that fits that description. Except maybe Adam @ Home.


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