Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Parenting Pubs: The Next Generation Looks Mommy-Centric, Too

I used to spend a lot of time moaning about the enormous parenting magazines (Parents, Parenting, etc.) and the way that they were overwhelmingly -- sometimes aggressively -- mommy-focused. And I held out hope that the future of parenting publications would be full of gender-neutral perspectives.

But DaddyTypes is looking at the online parenting arms of our nation's suddenly web-obsessed newspapers and has noticed an alarming trend of mommy-centrism. Moms Miami from the Herald. Bay Area Moms from the Chronicle. Now BoMoms from the Globe.

There are exceptions, thankfully, that Greg duly notes (my other blog, The Poop, etc.), but seriously ... does throwing dads into the mix really kill traffic and advertiser interest?


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