Friday, October 24, 2008

One More for the RebelDad Hall of Shame: Similac

I was flipping though Real Simple the other day (which has mysteriously begun showing up in the mail) when I noticed that Similac was running a super-bizarre ad campaign in which they boast that their new can was "Designed With Moms for Moms." And the celebrity mom they're using to sell the stuff is ... um ... Ty Pennington. Which is interesting, since Ty is a) not a mom, b) not a dad and c) not in the baby-products-design business. So I'm equal part confused and offended.

Needless to say, dads have a choice when it comes to formula, so I'd encourage you to go with the choice that is not (as) gendered: Enfamil.

(Thanks to Daddy Types for reminding me about this.)


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