Monday, December 08, 2008

Leslie Morgan Steiner Is Coming Around

A couple of years ago, I spent a lot of time dinging Leslie Morgan Steiner for the utter failure to think about fathers in the compilation of essays, Mommy Wars, she had published. Ironically, those posts led to the Post asking me to contribute weekly to Leslie's blog to give a voice to fathers.

I don't think that I can claim credit for this, but it's clear that Leslie is beginning to realize that parenthood is a two-sex kind of deal now. From her interview with my erstwhile colleague and the hardest-working guy on the parenthood beat, Paul Nyhan:

"Fatherhood has changed so much more than motherhood in the last 30 years."

We were talking about research that shows dads are spending more time on childrearing in this era of co-parenting and two-career families. We appeared to agree the challenges of the modern dad are under covered in the media, though not underreported here. ...

Few moms have spent more time ruminating on the challenges of modern motherhood, and Steiner wasn't downplaying the juggle of modern moms. But we agreed dads are too often not part of the parenting dialogue, even though we are bigger players than ever.


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