Monday, January 26, 2009

Mystery Solved: CNN, "Mr. Mom" and Rebeldad

Thanks to everyone who pointed out the RD mention in this CNN piece from earlier this month, giving a first-person take from Josh Levin on the glories of at-home fatherhood -- and the adjustment of trying to ease back into work without fully leaving home. I'm sure plenty of you have lived through this horror:
As I called into my first meeting, the baby started to stir, squirm and make her signature sounds (a primal series of grunts, snorts and whimpers). She was telling me that her diaper needed to be changed and that she was probably hungry, too.

So I did what any multi-tasker would do: I put the phone under my ear, stuck her bottle under the tap, muted the phone, ran up the stairs with her in a tucked football position, unmuted the phone, answered a question, muted again, changed her diaper and ran down the stairs to get the bottle.


A few minutes later, I jumped out of the first meeting to call into the second. I said, "Hello, this is Josh, I'm here on mute, OK, thanks."

As I listened in on mute, I shushed my baby to calm her -- to no avail. Her cries became increasingly louder. My boss asked, "Josh, are you there?"

I unmuted my phone and right on cue, my daughter screamed at the top of her little lungs.

The conference room on the other end of the phone erupted with laughter, and I told them that I'd have to get back to them.
If I had a dime for every time ...


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