Thursday, May 07, 2009

My Third Annual Open Letter to the Morons at Pampers

Dear Pampers,

When my youngest was born, I signed up for your nice e-mail service, in hopes of knocking a buck or two off of diapers every once a while. As part of your e-mail marking plan, you send me an e-mail *every Mother's Day* that attempts to butter me up. Allow me to quote from the latest edition:
Happy Mother's Day, BRIAN,

Whether it's your first Mother's Day or beyond, it's always a great day to bask in your family's appreciation. ...
I cannot watch TV or open a magazine without someone telling me how the recession/new gender roles/Gen Y fathers/etc. are changing fatherhood and how no aspect of parenting, beyond the actual birth and breastfeeding, is the sole domain of moms anymore. Certainly, there are millions of dads out there buying diapers. It's not exactly a secret.

And yet, every year, you blanket me (and, presumably tens of thousands of other dads) with a sweet reminder that one of the largest consumer-products companies in the history of the world still assumes that every person who wants diaper coupons is a women.

That's dumb, and it makes us guys feel less warm and fuzzy about your brand.

Happy Mother's Day,


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