Friday, April 24, 2009

Pampers Manages to the Find the One Diaper-Changing Dad

It is a time-honored tradition: every year, on Mother's Day, the fine folks at Pampers send me a sweet note telling me I'm doing a fantastic job of being a mom. It drives me nuts: not because I am actually offended, not because it's one more piece of spam, but because it has apparently never occured to Proctor & Gamble that dads might be on their diaper-coupon mailing list.

I'm hoping that they won't be so dumb as to send me a note this Mother's Day, but you can never be too sure. P&G held a mommyblogger confab this week, talking to influential blogging moms about diapers and the like. And they included dads! OK ... they included "dad." Singular:

Now, I have nothing against Matt ... he is a hell of a blogger, and maybe the guy I would choose to represent me if there could be only one daddyblogger allowed in. But -- seriously -- P&G couldn't have found one other guy to participate?



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