Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pampers Has Figured Out That I Am a Dad. I Think.

Every year, I give the Pampers people a hard time because they send me Mother's Day e-mails telling me how great it is that I am a mom and how special moms like me really are. It is one of those subtle reminders that society still doesn't see moms and dads as equally fit parents. (Or equally committed consumers.)

But I should note, in the interest of fairness, that I did receive a Father's Day greeting from them:
Hello BRIAN,

Moms get a lot of focus, but now it's Dad's day in the sun! Dads share their own special bond with their little ones that deserves special thanks and appreciation. ...
Now, you can argue that everyone gets this e-mail -- moms, dads, grandparents, obsessive coupon hoarders -- and that it hardly shows that Pampers has my parenting status figure out. But, heck, I give them credit for trying. And I'll give them extra credit if their Mother's Day e-mail next year is equally gender-neutral.


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