Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Time to give props to Teresa Heinz Kerry, who took time out from the usual political issues last night to give a shout-out to caregivers of all sorts. Teresa spoke eloquently about her vision for a future where women are seen as men's equals, and she heaped praised upon her own mother. It would have been simple and natural for her to praise the nation's mothers, but she went a step further:
... we must, and we should, recognize the immense value of the caregivers in our country-those women and men who nurture and care for children, for elderly parents, for family members in need. These are the people who build and support our most valuable assets-our families. Isn't it time we began working to give parents more opportunity to be with their children, and to afford to have a family life?
The sentiment warmed my heart, and the gender-neutrality of it all gave me hope. Can we elect her to something? (Read the transcript here.)


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