Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hail the GTWD

I've been so absorbed in the stupidity of the mommy wars discussion that I've yet to post on the best Blogging Baby post in a long time -- this one on "go to work dads." It's a fantastic topic, and one that hasn't received nearly enough attention.

As much as I go on and on here about at-home fathers and the explosion of interest in guys who stay home, the real family revolution in the next decade will be centered on the increasing family roles played by of working fathers (especially young working dads. For most families, two wage-earners is a reality that can't be avoided, and talking solely about at-home parents cuts them out of the discussion. If I'm serious about advocating more involved fathers -- and I am -- the real opportunity for support is for the working fathers.

The BB post referred to a couple of other blogs that are well worth the read. Check out this Miles, etc. post for the closest thing to a GTWD manifesto:
So, if you've got a GTWD in your life - the kind who busts his ass all week and, from time to time, still takes the kid(s) to the park on weekend mornings so you can sleep in - do me a favor and give him a hug today, and tell him it's from me.

Okay, just give him a hug, and skip that part about me.
Also check out Working Day Dad, which covers a lot of the same ground.


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