Monday, March 13, 2006

Quick Bites

* Ben, the guy behind the incredible Trixie Update has formally released his track-your-baby's-every-poo software package. The power of Trixie Tracker, a web-based app, can be yours for less than $5 a month.

* On the subject of web stuff for parents, every other parenting site has linked to the very pretty and easy-to-navigate Minti. So I might as well, too.

* I am all for gender equity, but Dial's call for men to Take Back the Shower isn't really where we should be fighting the battle. (Thanks to Feministing for the link.)

* I can't help myself: turns out the mommy wars are full of conscientious objectors. Leslie Morgan Steiner's Washington Post piece seemed to generate a one-sided response: the paper printed two reader responses, both of them negative. And Steiner herself mentions on her blog that at the first reading for her book, "There wasn't any anger." Of course there's no anger. There's no war.

Bonus Steiner link: Check out her posting from today. And then read the comments. Glad to hear the revolution in fatherhood has finally reached her home.


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