Thursday, March 09, 2006

Too Quick to Judge?

OK. Maybe I was too quick to condemn the recent rash (destined, I fear, to speak) of stories about the mommy wars stories. If you're paying attention, we've had Newsweek stories about it, Washington Post stories, an ongoing Good Morning America series and (according to rumor) some Today show segments.

(I'm intentionally not linking to these sources, since they contribute very little to what should be a serious discussion of work-life options for all parents. Suffice it to say that I've been unimpressed, particularly with Leslie Morgan Steiner's Post piece, which included this jaw-dropping line: "Wouldn't we be far better off if we accepted and supported all good, if disparate, mothering choices? Aren't moms ultimately united in our quest to stay sane, raise good kids, provide each other with succor and support, and protect humankind from the overly aggressive, overly logical male half of the species?")

But the fallout is shining a bit more light on dads. An intrepid reporter at, looking for a new way to look at the issues the Good Morning America series is raising, began hearing more and more from dads who wanted to know where the "daddy wars" were at. (For clarification, we're not at war, but fathers would like some acknowledgement that making increasingly difficult work-life choices, too.)

So the reporter, Jen Brown, penned a thoughtful piece about dads and the new realities for fathers. And she's keeping an eye on the daddy space, so this -- hopefully -- will not be the last we hear of the daddy dilemmas.


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