Monday, April 16, 2007

More on Making Sure Dads Get Counted

It's nice to the see that the dismay over the government's dads-are-really-just-a-form-of-child-care argument has gotten an airing above and beyond blogging rants: the Lexington Herald-Leader ran this nice column on why dads should be counted. It also included a study that I don't think I saw:

A 2005 Gannon University study, for example, found that the most popular child-rearing books used mother twice as often as father when referring to parenting in general. According to the study, even when the authors used gender-neutral language, it was usually clear that they were speaking to mothers. Why else would they suggest parental stress-management techniques that included "getting one's nails done" and "talking with a girlfriend"?

That's enough to get my good and fuming on a Monday morning.

(Thanks to Kelly for the link.)


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