Thursday, June 07, 2007

Cross-Promotion: Manly Man Parenting

Last week, my buddy Paul Nyhan posted a link to this Men's Health story titled "Raise Kids Like a Man." I give my general thoughts today over at On Balance.

As I mentioned at OB, I was kind of torn by the piece. The advice was generally spot-on, and I love -- love -- that Men's Health would take so much time to outline what active fatherhood looks like. An editor there once told me that they get a ton of response whenever they write about dads, and it's good to see them giving the readers what they want.

But the bigger question for me is whether there is really a way to "Raise Kids Like a Man," or if a man raising a kid is pretty much like a women doing the same thing. Don't get me wrong: if branding at-home fatherhood as something unique manly will get more people to consider it, I'll happily play along. But it seems like a stretch to me ...


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