Wednesday, June 06, 2007

WSJ Asks If Dads Are Really Up to the Task

I happen to like the Juggle blog at the Wall Street Journal, even if it competes (and competes well) with my own side project. But I have to admit to being puzzled by one of today's posts, titled The Parental Role Reversal: Can it Work?, which asked the question whether an at-home mom and a working dad could change places.

The answer, of course, is absolutely "yes," though the Juggle isn't so sure, highlighting the
difficulties faced by the Scavo family, down on Wisteria Lane. Never mind that the Scavos are -- technically -- fictitious (or that the real-life example is of a success story). The commenters talk about how hard the transition can be, but let's face it -- transitions from work to home and vice versa are always tough, regardless of who is doing the transitioning. But that doesn't mean they don't work.


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