Friday, July 06, 2007

Dadstock '07

I mentioned last month that there was an at-home dad get-together brewing in the Midwest ... Dadstock! A lot of the guys from showed up, plus some other dads in the market for an afternoon of chainsawing, BBQing and beer-drinking. Howard Ludwig has the scoop in the Daily Southtown. The guy behind it, Darth Daddy/Todd Krater is thinking this might make for a good annual event:

Krater hopes Dadstock will become an annual event. He plans to host the party next year and is trying to coordinate with other stay-at-home dads throughout the country to do the same, on the same day.

This way, Krater could host Dadstock in Chicago while someone else hosted Dadstock in New York or San Francisco or wherever.

Sounds great. Count me in for '08.


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