Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lucky Layoffs

I would never wish a layoff on anyone. It has happened to me exactly once in my life, and I was absolutely gobsmacked. But I have to flag the story -- from today's On Balance -- about a guy who was able to make lemonade from the experience by being the at-home dad for a while:
Then, boom it happened. I started sitting with him while he did his homework rather than just reviewing what was completed in aftercare. We started going to the school gym in the afternoon to practice basketball -- his favorite sport in all the world. I even talked him into a few trips to the golf driving range -- Dad's favorite sport in all the world. When school ended, things got even better -- a trip to Chicago to visit friends, my coaching his summer league basketball team, and going on the team's trip to Florida. However, the best part was just hanging out and really getting to know each other. He watched me play video games so he could copy my strategy. He caught on that my discipline really gets tougher each year and that compliance is the ONLY option. I never figured out why he wears socks to bed...every night.


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