Friday, November 02, 2007

Pol: At-Home Dad Doesn't Have 'Real Job'

It's election time, and I keep stumbling across all kinds of stories about at-home dads seeking political office. I haven't posted on most of these because there's just not much to say about the trend. But ...

... One of my friends and neighbors, David Englin, is a member of the Virginia General Assembly and is up for re-election. David's done a great job for his constituents, so there's really not much there to attack. But his opponent has found *something* to carp on: David's daytime gig as a SAHD. From the Washington Post:
Allen describes Englin as a shrill, professional "hair on fire" politician who has lived in the city for five years and doesn't have a "real job."
I'm sure most of you aren't in Virginia's 45th district (actually, I'm not, which is too bad), so this is just another example of dads not getting the respect they deserve. For those of you who *are* in David's district, please show up to vote on Tuesday.


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