Monday, January 14, 2008

Dumbest Anti-Dad Piece of 2008?

It's early in the year, but we may have a candidate for dumbest, most retrograde, anti-at-home dad piece of the year. It's in the Daily Mail and is clearly intended to outrage, which makes me feel a bit bad for even giving it any attention. Suffice it to say that as long as guys like this are out there -- even if they like exaggerating the horrors of child-rearing for literary effect -- society will be the worse for it:

One male friend of mine planned to take a year off work to devote himself full-time to fatherhood, after selling the business he worked on night and day for several years. When I called him this week, I could hear him pacing like a caged bear in a Chinese zoo.

'I've got to get a new business up and running,' he said. 'I've got to get out of the house.' He had been at home for about six weeks.

'I just don't think men have the patience for childcare. Mothers make good mothers and fathers make bad mothers,' he said.

And he gets bonus dumb-o points for referencing the inherently flawed University of Bristol study. In terms of brute stupidity, this may be tough to top ...


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