Thursday, December 20, 2007

In Defense of "Mr. Mom"

Jeremy Adam Smith screened "Mr. Mom" to see what all the bile was about. Instead, he gives the movie close to a rave review. ("... it marks a cultural watershed: the stay-at-home dad was now a part of the landscape—-as a real option," Jeremy writes.) Read the post: it's a worthwhile contrarian take.

(For the record, I believe that the movie, "Mr. Mom," taken in its entirety, is not a terrible, anti-dad movie. But as I've said before, the term "Mr. Mom" now has a life of its own as something close to a pejorative. This is partly as a result of people misremembering the movie. At the next family gathering, ask your brother-in-law to summarize "Mr. Mom." I'll bet you a case of beer that he remembers the bumbling, not the uplifting stuff at the end.)


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