Friday, December 07, 2007

A Handful of the Small Items I Haven't Gotten Around To

  • Huffington Post has declared that the up-and-coming generation of whippersnappers may finally demand -- and get -- equal footing at home with regard to gender roles. I have the same hope, but a bit less starry-eyed optism:
"These women would also be happy working part time and splitting childcare more evenly with spouses. This younger generation expects both men and women to be involved in parenting. Even without the guarantee of a top salary, most of the women expect to share childrearing and return to the labor force. This home formula may be the key to the gender revolution that stalled at the threshold of the family door. "

  • The WSJ Juggle blog, however, notes that working women remain targets of the academics, pointing to a paper that shows men with working wives are on the fast track to ill health. I can't possibly get into all of the flaws with the research (or the assumptions) here ...
  • The Wisconsin State Journal runs a nice look at the local stay-at-home dad population. SAHDS are everywhere.
  • A New York Times reporter pulling daddy duty has his NPR interview stolen by his two-year old. Made me smile. (Thanks, Keith)

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