Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Details Goes Through the Looking Glass

Lately, I've been torn about Details. The magazine has spilled lots of ink on the topic of fatherhood (which is a good thing), but produced what has been some of the most inane articles on the topic of dads ever written (which is not so good). Mostly, Details seems torn between the obvious importance of dadhood to the modern man and the pub's instinctual chest-thumping viewpoint of masculinity.

So I kept waiting for their latest first-person piece on fatherhood -- a thoughtful piece on the challenge of being a sensitive new-age guy raising an old-school, rough-and-tumble boy -- to dissolve into some sort of cooler-than-thou claptrap. But it doesn't. So credit to Details for going against type (though I could have stood to have the piece slugged anything other than "girly dads.")


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