Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Word of the Year: Choreplay

Longtime readers know that I delight in any social science that suggests that the best way to ensure a robust sex life is to have a household in which dad does his fair share, so I was tickled when my erstwhile hometown paper, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, brought the issue to the fore for Valentine's Day. The headline pretty much said it all: "Want to get your woman in the mood? Try doing housework," and quoted various relationship experts emphasizing that -- yes -- doing housework and minding the kids gets women in the mood.

Apparently, Parenting Magazine has dubbed this "choreplay," which is an absolutely lovely turn of phrase. (Though for a less rosy take on the idea, check out this Chicago Trib article.)

The AJC article was brought to my attention by Working Dad, Paul Nyhan, who had a great perspective on the subject. In his mind (and mine), while there may certainly be a link between happy, sex-filled marriages and guys who take an egalitarian attitude toward the household, it's kind of silly to think that finding and operating the vacuum cleaner at a stunt is enough to get a woman worked up.


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