Thursday, June 12, 2008

The AP's Take on At-Home Dads

These kinds of stories are going to be as common as ragweed pollen this weekend, but before I get swamped, I wanted to point to an AP story from a couple of weeks ago taking a 30,000-foot look at at-home fatherhood (and at's Mike Biewenga). As much as I like Mike, it's the kind of story that I'm looking forward to seeing less of as I get older. I don't think that the cold shoulder from moms is a big problem today (though it may have been in the past), and I don't think that the isolation that at-home dads feel is all that different from the isolation that *any* at-home parent faces.

I don't mean to dismiss what are no doubt very real concerns for certain guys, but I get the feeling that these issues are slowly fading away.


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