Monday, June 09, 2008

The SAHD Ceiling?

Each year, spends some money to call 1,000 or so dads to ask them if they would be an at-home dad if their spouse could afford to support them. And each year, they end up with about the same number.

This year, they've declared that 37 percent of guys would do the full-time dad thing if they could afford it. Last year, the number was also 37 percent. The year before, it was "four-in-ten." It was 49 percent in 2005, 43 percent in 2004 and 40 percent in 2003. I don't trust careerbuilder enough to suggest that the numbers are actually slipping. Instead, it looks like the natural upper bound for guys who aspire to be at-home dads (right now) is around 40 percent. Which works for me.


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