Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Two Favors for Two Great DadBloggers

1. From Daddy Dialectic's Jeremy Adam Smith (jeremyadamsmith mac com, who needs a couple more items for his book:
I'm seeking stay-at-home dads in New York City, especially dads of color, especially African-American dads. ...

Here's a reminder about what the book is about: "Twenty-First-Century Dad will tell the stories of fathers who have embraced taking care of children, explore the hopes and ideals that inform their choices, and analyze the economic and social developments that have made their choices possible. Stay-at-home dads represent a logical culmination of fifty years of family change, from a time when the idea of men caring for children was literally inconceivable, to a new era when at-home dads are a small but growing part of the landscape. Their numbers and cultural importance will continue to rise?and Smith argues that they must rise, as the global, creative, technological economy makes flexible gender roles more and more possible and desirable."
It's scheduled for publication in early 2009 from Beacon Press.
2. Paul Nyhan (Working Dad) of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer needs help for a story on dads in the workplace:
In this era of co-parenting what about dad? Dads are doing more at home but what's happening to help them with work-family balance? A look at innovative programs and gaps at dad-friendly workplaces around Seattle. Is society keeping up? What are dads seeing at work and around their cities, and what do they want to see?
Thoughts? Paul is at paulnyhan seattlepi com.


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