Monday, June 02, 2008

Rush Gives Up the Fight ...

... on doofus dads in greeting cards. As Lance noticed today, some apparently humor-impaired guy from outside Washington, DC was quoted in an AP story about Dad's Day greeting cards saying that "This idea that men are somehow biologically incapable of caring for their children is the sort of thing that I don't find particularly funny."

This is, of course, a true statement. And while Father's Day cards aren't a sign of the apocalypse or a major news event, I am tickled that someone noticed that the bumbling-father stereotype lives on in a number of different places. But apparently, Rush Limbaugh thinks the topic is beyond the bounds of reason:
Why is this guy shocked? Why is anybody surprised by this? I mean, men are predators, lousy louts, lazy lugs, dirty and filthy. This is a stereotype that's been out there for quite a while, and it's been fed by militant feminazi-ism. Yes, Mr. Snerdley? The program observer has a question. Well, that's a good question. Snerdley's question is, "Do real men get upset over greeting cards?" It's a good question. Apparently this guy does. Apparently, he's walking around there ready to be offended. You know, there's certain things that men should not get offended over, they should get mad at. The idea that they're predators; the idea that they have no stake in seeing their kids if there's a divorce.
Honestly, Rush, I don't get shocked or offended or even all that surprised by Father's Day cards. And I do think that guys may have bigger fish to fry. But the world would indeed be a better place if men weren't immediately assumed to be utter idiots. I'm doing my part to battle that stereotype. Are you, Mr. Limbaugh?


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