Monday, June 09, 2008

Parenting's Target Audiences Dishes on Dads

The nice people at Parenting magazine have taken a break from utterly ignoring fathers, instead asking a thousand moms to weigh in on their hubbies. I hesitate to even re-broadcast any of the findings, given that the whole thing is meant as an entertainment exercise and not actually designed to give any actual insight. But, heck, it's worth checking out just for the giggles. Among the highlights:
  • "36% of you think you're the better parent. (Only 7% say your husband is)." I guess that leaves the majority of moms who call it a tie. That's good news.
  • "30% of you would like to change your husband's parenting style." Or you could say we have a 70 percent approval rating. I'll take it.
  • "42% of you have sex less often now that you have kids." That seems like a suspect number, doesn't it?
  • "58% of you admit that your husband deserves more credit than you give him for helping with the kid"
  • They also asked which sitcom dad their husband most resembled: Jon Cryer from "Two and a Half Men," Ray Romano and Homer Simpson. Suffice it to say that I'm not sure those were the best three options to restrict folks to, but on the bright side, most moms don't think of their spouse as Homer.
(Thanks to Paul at Working Dad for spotting this. I have a backlog of posts inspired by Working Dad posts, and I fear I'd have to close up shop if not for the steady flow of nuggets on Paul's site. Seriously, if you're not reading him, you should be.)


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