Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Spike TV Says We All (Almost) Want to Be At-Home Dads

Survey results are largely bogus, as I've noted earlier in the week, but now you have your pick of bogus stats: do you believe's contention that 37 percent of guys would do the at-home thing or Spike TV's pumped up estimate of 73 percent?:
With women spending more time in the office, men are starting to pick up
some of the slack at home. Men have been surprisingly accepting of this
change. 73% of fathers would sacrifice an exciting job for more time with
their children. 73% of fathers today are also at least "somewhat willing" to
be stay at home dads -- a 13-point increase from 2004. Of the men surveyed,
more than 80% indicated that what defines a man most is being a good husband
and father, whereas only 40% indicated that being a good worker is a measure
of the man.


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