Friday, January 30, 2009

Career Advice to be Wary Of

I've gone back and forth with career guru Penelope Trunk several times on whether at-home dads are generally happy. I am of the opinion that SAHDs are just as content as the rest of the population (and the ones that chose the role are probably more content than your average Joe). Penelope, based on her own reading of the situation, strongly feels that any happy at-home dad is either self-delusional or actually working part-time.

Earlier this month, Penelope wrote "5 career tips women should run from" and once again took the opportunity to say, point-blank, that she "doesn't believe men are happy in [the at-home] role."

We're at the point now where no amount of blogging or e-mailing Penelope is going to change her mind, so I'm posting here mostly to ensure that the next time someone Googles for "Penelope Trunk at-home dad," they get a balanced idea of what dads *really* think.


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