Monday, August 09, 2004

Belated Cathy Seipp update: Ms. Seipp, who you may recall wrote a bizarre, impassioned rant against fathers who, well, father, took to the airwaves to further promote the avant-garde idea that "Men in charge of small children are like women and parallel parking: Attention must be paid or something's going to get dented."

She appeared on Glenn Sacks' AM radio show in LA (click here for a rebroadcast). I can see how Seipp thought this would be a good idea. Sacks -- like Seipp -- is often reflexively anti-feminist. But Sacks' worldview doesn't quite match Seipp's. He operates from a position that men are often oppressed (by the courts, academia, etc.) and Seipp's unhinged position that men can't raise kids clearly pushes his buttons (plus, Sacks put in time as an at-home dad). The show is worth a listen just to hear Seipp's work read aloud with gleeful sarcasm.

Here is Cathy's response. Read it after the interview and marvel at her inability to understand Sacks' sarcasm and/or her willful decision to miss his point. But getting the point has never been a strong suit.

At any rate, don't tell Cathy that the left-wing nutcases are now running Fisher-Price. I just came into possession of the Loving Family Dad and Baby, a wonderful dollhouse man who comes accessorized with a) a baby and b) a baby-carrying backpack. I know that little plastic people should not be role models, but better this sort of commercial crap than the Bratz dolls.

Finally, thanks to all who offered suggestions on the site's direction. I'm still weighing my options, so you can still proffer your opinions. (Again, the e-mail is


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