Monday, August 23, 2004

One media mention and a couple of blog-specific notes today: I wanted to start with this short-but-sweet piece on the Austin, TX dads group, which is 80 guys strong. Not a bad showing at all for a relatively small city. I was happy to see someone run the economic numbers: factor in the cost of day care, commuting, meals at work, etc. etc and suddenly, staying at home isn't such a crushing economic blow.

Regarding the blog: the redesign will happen -- thanks to all who offered comments. I have a request for clarification, though. Some of you asked for some perspective on the RebelMom side of things, and I am happy to give my wife a sounding board. But since this is a site mostly about analysis, and not our personal lives, I was wondering what -- specifically -- you folks were interested in seeing her tackle.

Also: I'm considering separating the links into those that are very much live (such as DaddyZine and Blue Sloth), those that are dead but not gone (the wonderful Being Daddy) and a middle category for those showing the telltale signs of abandonment (Fulltime Father and At Home Dad ... Mike and Pete -- what gives?). If you think you're on the bubble ... start posting.

Finally: favorite family thinker Ann Crittenden's new book comes out today. It's titled If You Can Raise Kids, You Can Manage Anything. I'm going to pick up my copy today.


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