Thursday, August 12, 2004

Since I have absolutely nothing to say, let me flag some at-home dad blogs I've stumbled across lately (which will be appearing relatively soon on the left rail of the site).

We have Philip at The Blue Sloth, who is nice enough to post comments over here and lend to the discussion. He takes the time to cut Catherine Seipp down to size today (a noble calling!) and he's a prodigious poster, so I have some archives to read, too.

I should flag Daddy Fu, which pitches itself as "Wee Little Adventures of a Stay at Home Dad & Other Amusements."

There's also the I'm Not a Slacker blog that is, ironically, showing some signs of blog abandonment. But I'll keep it on my watch list ...

By all means, if I'm missing an at-home dad blog, let me know.

UPDATE: Tom Nugent just let me know about his blog Not In Kansas Anymore.


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