Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I'm all over the map today. Let me start with this survey from across the pond that has 11 percent of fathers saying they're at-home dads. Assuming that gender/work/family conditions are similar, this sounds like a much more plausible number than the Spike TV survey that broke a couple of weeks ago. Some time I'll break out all the different percentages -- I think I've now seen at least four estimates for the percentage of at-home fathers: 0.5 percent, 11 percent, 13 percent and 22 percent. Impressive range. We must be a wily bunch.

I need to the flag the blog of new commenter Jammer, who just started homo domesticus. Thoughtful, readable stuff.

Finally, the San Jose Mercury News ran This Q&A with their resident psychologist on dealing with being laid-off. Among the suggestions: heading the web for local at-home dad resources. Brilliant idea, I must say. We're a fount of knowledge.


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