Thursday, March 16, 2006

The End of Opinion

I need to note that a great professional parenting blog experiment Opinionated Parenting has come to an end. OP was a weekly face-off between two bloggers who are fantastic in their own right, Laid-Off Dad and Mother in Chief, but the two writers never seemed to be able to break out the Crossfire-style format, which pretty much required that they disagree on the topic. It underscore a flaw similar to the recent mommy wars discussion: parenting is collaborative things, not an antagonistic one.

But I've held my tongue on Opinionate Parenting for a couple of reasons: 1) The two principals are great bloggers, doing their best and 2) I didn't want to do anything to discourage large media companies from hiring thoughtful parent bloggers. The concept was close -- all they needed to do was lift some of the constrains and let LOD and MIC have a *real* dialog.

Building an army: I was amazed to find, in this day of largely invented inter-parent battles, that was still available. So I stuck of the profits from the store and bought it. In a Google-run world, I think this gives the power to define the term, and I'll share my official definition once I work out the kinds. Other than that, I have no idea what to do with the domain (I don't think I can managed two blogs at my rebeldad pace). I'm open to suggestions.


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