Thursday, June 12, 2008

Multimedia Dads

There's going to be a lot of dad news to read this week and next, but not everyone enjoys plowing through surveys and news stories and wordy blog analyses. Some people want to experience the joys of fatherhood through audio or video. Those people are in luck this week.

For starters, NPR hosted a great dads roundtable in place the usual "Mocha Moms" programming yesterday. That's worth a listen.

Secondly, if you're tracking the evolution of the Evolution of Dad, which is shaping up to the be-all and end-all of documentaries about dads (plus, how often do you see Joan Williams and Houston Alexander in the same montage?), you'll want to check out the trailer for the film:
Dana's plan is to have this roll out for Father's Day 2010, and he's collecting donations to make this a reality. It's a cause well worth supporting.


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